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My mate returns from a 2 week trip back home to visit her parents for Christmas.Upon her return we cuddle, giggle and act a mess, creating such jewels as:

Scar tissue babies!

I love you! Shut Up!

I can cook in the new pants we got for Christmas

Baked beans in my pocket...

Looks like Christmas is going to be quite festive this year!  ;P

Worgon Jokes and Quotes

All I want is for someone to pat me on my head and tell me I'm a good girl...
Or swat me with a newspaper when I'm not.

How many Worgon does it take to chase a cat up a tree?
One to be the Worgon
One to be the cat
and one to be the tree

Back online - update

I'm freshly moved into a new home and back online after an extended period without internet. Still a little nervous about poking my head out within the furry fandom. I believe that I will take a bit of a longer brake from furry for a while. My door is still open to close friends. I have created a bit of new art while I was away. Hopefully I will get it scanned in and edited and posted soon.
On the family front I am really concerned about my mother and my aunt. While I was offline My aunt was diagnosed with lung cancer and had the top of her left lung removed. The doctors do not believe that they got it all, so now she is scheduled for a battery of chemotherapy. This is usually the last bit of news that members of my family are usually given right before they die. Stopping smoking is really high on my list of priorities now.
My mother broke her neck in a car accident when I was a kid. She survived and had to wear a convoluted contraption called a halo vest for a while. it is a fiberglass body vest with rods protruding from it that connect to a metal ring surround the wearer's head and bolts directly to the skull via holes that are drilled into the head. After it was removed she made nearly a full recovery until recent years. A while back ago doctors found that the previously broken vertebrae had begun to deteriorate and she had to go back for surgery though her throat to the back of her neck to fix it. Unfortunately the procedure caused her to get a really bad staph infection in the operated on bone and is now fully paralyzed and bed ridden. Doctors are hoping that once they get the infection cleared up that she will recover. One can only hope.
My memory and concentration issues are getting a lot worse. Furthermore I was diagnosed as diabetic right before I lost months ago. I now have toes that have lost their toenails and are trying to rot off. Fun stuff. I am endeavoring not only to quit smoking, but take better care of myself in general, eat right and get more exercise. The move has given me a lot on the exercise front. I am feeling a lot stronger and happier due to it. I am starting to get back a little of my old fire. I am starting to find hard work to be quite rewarding. When finished I feel like I am the awesomest person in the world!
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