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suneccubus's Journal

3 November 1975
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Suneccubus is a Pre-Op Trans-Gendered (male to female) Furry formerly known as HavocFox who is in search of herself and interested in exploring what life has to offer. Outside of Furry circles she goes by the name Ellen, Ellen Lynn or when absolutely necessary by her male birth name, Allen Rhea.
Sune or Ellen is also a Goth with Christian and Wiccan beliefs. She likes to think of herself as a creature of the night with love for the moon and stars, but heavily dislikes the angst and drama in both Goth and Furry cultures. Suneccubus has been in the Furry Fandom as an artist since 2002. Her work can be found easiest on FurAffinity under the title Suneccubus.
In Fursona Suneccubus is a half kitsune, half succubus vixen, approximately 6 foot tall with raven black headfur, black leather breast armor with matching thong, boots and gloves and wears a wide variety of gothic jewelry and has 3 tails. She also has optional horns and leathery, bat-like wings which she usually keeps shape shifted away. Suneccubus is a fickle creature. Her mood swings from that of a soft, gentle lover to that of a seductive huntress of men's souls.


Suneccubus is a founding member of Pen and Palette Imaging LLC, a custom keepsake company that frequents several conventions for fantasy, furry, gaming, horror, sci-fi and numerous other venues. She provides tech support to the company along with being one of the company’s two primary artists along She also provides image editing for images brought in by clients to be placed on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, keychains and numerous other products provided by Pen and Palette Imaging LLC.
Pen and Palette also has a booth inside the Westland Fleamarket, booth C7 in Columbus, OH. Merchandise orders may also be placed online (homepage pending). To request a copy of the Pen and Palette Imaging catalog or to place an order please email: penandpaletteorders@gmail.com.

Please feel free to visit Pen and Palette Imaging on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/penandpaletteimaging!


Ciasmi, aka fionaviolette : Beloved Pet and Loving Mate.
Spectra, aka spectravixen  Spiritual Mother and Loving Mate

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